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Wings Simulator & Tracks

With the release of the popular Wings simulator ( it’s inevitable that many pilots find themselves plugging in and getting plenty of practice as well as trying out various wings available in the sim.

We aim to have each of our tracks available for public use in the simulator after each event so that everyone can try them and join in with the fun, or even get a feel for what wing racing is like before coming to a real-life event.

Currently we have two tracks available to fly, Eglwysilan Model Club – WoTV Sept ’22 and Feckenham Wyreless Pirates Oct ’22.

To find the tracks, once in the sim head to ‘Race’ > ‘The Farm’ > ‘Select A Track’ > ‘Latest Tracks’ and you will find the two current tracks.

More tracks will be added as we host more events.

We aim to begin holding semi-regular multiplayer sim sessions, these will be announced soon. It will be a great way for everyone to get together for some fun during the colder days and get some practice in ready for the 2023 season.