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Valleys May ’23 – Pilot Pack

Welcome one and all, to the 2023 season’s first event!

This year we are hoping to build upon the fun and experience of last year, with bigger events and more skills to showcase. This page will serve as the Pilot Pack for the Wings over the Valley race weekend – 20-21 May 2023.

Location: Valley Flyers, Gelligaer Road, B4252, Treharris, CF46 6ER. 51.662503, -3.277540

The site will be open from 3PM Friday 19th for those camping, to set up and get comfortable. The site are aiming to have a toilet facility available, so bring your toilet roll (this is a best endeavor but may be subject to change). BBQ’s are allowed, providing they are off the floor – the site are hosting a BBQ Saturday, bring your meat! There is NO mains power on site, generators are permitted. Ensure you have ample charging capacity with you.

The event will be streamed to the WRL YouTube account, please ensure to keep any adult language to a minimum.

Safety: There are no mandatory Covid-19 restrictions, you may social distance and wear masks if you wish. Please ensure any children with you are supervised at all times when on site. Vehicles are limited to 5MPH. If using BBQ/Fire pits, bring suitable water/fire extinguishers.

All pilots are required to provide proof of insurance, either BMFA or FPVUK are accepted. All pilots must check in with the race director, where failsafe’s will be tested and VTx power will be verified. All wings must display Operator ID’s as required by law. Failure to comply will result in you not being permitted to race.

You can upload proof of insurance if you wish via this form:

There will be a pilot briefing before each days racing, this is mandatory for all pilots and spotters, it will contain information relevant to that days events.

The Pits – This area is designated for pilots to charge, repair, build etc. It is NOT acceptable to power up your VTx in this zone, unless you have permission from the race director – this may cause an active pilot to crash and/or injure a person!

Launch & Landing Zone – An area will be designated the launch area, it is the pilots choice as to how they wish to launch; by wanging or by using the launch ramps. A failed launch can be attempted again providing the pilot is ready as the race will not be paused or restarted. When landing, aim for the landing zone and do not land by the pilot area as this can cause video loss to other pilots.

Flight Line – This area is where all pilots must remain whilst flying, you may use chairs but please remove them after your round.

Green Zone – This is the parking/camping/spectator area, this is a NO-FLY ZONE, anyone flying in this area will be asked to land immediately. Repeated flying in this area will result in disqualification for the entire event – no exceptions.


Pilots – Pilots are requested to keep distractions, shouting, swearing etc to a minimum. This is a fun event with families and young children. If you have an issue with another pilot/person, bring your concerns to race control. If you crash out, await the end of the race quietly and when race control calls ‘ALL CLEAR’ then collect your wing as quickly as possible. Once landed, unplug your VTx as soon as possible.

Spotters – Spotters are responsible for ensuring they are ready for the heat they are spotting, typically this will be the heat before them. Liaise with your pilot and check which launch method they require. Once launched, stand/sit next to your pilot, give directions quietly. If your pilot does not make a lap, misses a flag/gate then call ‘NO LAP’.

Race Format:

Time – Each heat will consist of 2 minutes. The start will be indicated by 5 beeps, followed by a final beep. Once the race is over, you have 30 seconds to complete your laps.

Laps – The race is calculated by number of laps, if there is a tie then the fastest within those laps will win.

VTx Frequency Assignment:

Chris GR125mw
KO_FPV (TBC)R125mw
Do NOT deviate from your assigned frequency or power output.

Heat Assignment:

Heat 1Heat 2Heat 3Heat 4
Chris G (Spots for frank)WhatsUp_FPV (Spots for Chris G)frank (Spots for WhatsUp_FPV)
Hightaff_FPV (Spots for Stole_it_fpv)Wipeout (Spots for Hightaff_FPV)Stole_it_fpv (Spots for Wipeout)
Stubbsy (Spots for KP_FPV)Darstardly (Spots for Stubbsy)KO_FPV (TBC) (Spots for Darstardly)
Subject to change.


Saturday 20th 09:30Pilot check-in
10:00 – 10:30Briefing & Track walk
10:30 – 12:30Racing
12:30 – 14:00Funfly
14:30 – 16:30Racing
16:30 – 21:00Funfly
There will be a BBQ Saturday.
Sunday 21st 09:45Briefing / Updates
10:00 – 12:30Racing
12:30 – 14:00Funfly
14:30 – 16:00Racing
16:30 – 17:00Results

Final Thoughts:

This is a fun hobby, we’re all flying foam planes around, so lets keep it light hearted and enjoy the weekend.